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Dubai Visa: Things you should Know!

Dubai is one of the world’s most spectacular, glamorous, and futuristic urban destinations, located in United Arab Emirates. From few years, people traveling Dubai have been increased drastically because of its stunning development in infrastructure such as the Burj Khalifa, beautiful Burj al Arab and the vast Palm Jumeirah island. Dubai is a best known for shopping festival as well as the best spot for luxurious holidays. Modern Dubai is frequently seen as a self-indulgent haven of mesmerizing hotels, superlative restaurants and extravagantly themed shopping malls. Dubai is one of the emirates in UAE, where anyone would love to visit.

But, to visit Dubai, we surely need a visa. To get the visa, there are different steps involved in it. However, the procedure to the Dubai Visa is relatively easy, once a traveler has all the necessary documents that are usually required for the Visa process. Any person, who is not a National (Citizen) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), requires a Visa to visit Dubai. If you are planning to visit Dubai, either for holidays or work, the visa procedure requires possession a valid visa. As a tourist, you are allowed to remain for up to 30 days in Dubai. The visa process takes up to 72 hours and in some urgent cases, it can be done in one day. To be honest, the process of Dubai Visa is hassle free, provided you have all documents required.

Things to know:
  • A valid passport with of least two to six months
  • 30 day Dubai Visa upon getting into the Emirate
  • A Transit Visa is only a 4 days (ninety six hours)
  • You’ll be deported if you overstay in Dubai and can be banned from coming back
  • The official authority that handles visitor issues is the DNRD
  • Most Visas are granted at the Dubai International Airport upon arrival


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